Friday, July 20, 2012

Afternoon delight

Don't know why but that song has been circling my brain for a few days now.  I know.  I could have picked something better, couldn't I?

This is a slightly different version.  Anne has a new-to-her camera with greater zoomability.  A sunny day and the promise of birds singing in the trees was an invite not to be turned down.  I didn't take a camera so all these shots are hers.  Tests, you know.

Imagine our surprise when we saw what the  film crew 'little people' had left for us to wonder at.  As you can tell, these sets are not big enough for adults.  I'm trying to find out what the film is but all I know is that there are about twenty movies/TV series currently being filmed here.  No locations.  Jeesh!  So much filming here that I doubt anyone would crash the party.  But inquiring minds do want to know.

Let's move on to the sea shore.   Here comes our friend, sea otter.  He's trying to get in to shore and we're in his way.  Oh , well, might as well do some fishing.  This shows us his good side, whiskers and all.  I have enlarged this from the original.  It seems to have held its focus quite well.

An osprey sitting atop some pilings.  I think he's already had his lunch.  Those are purple martin boxes around his poles. 

The great blue heron stands and waits.   So patient. Both these photos were taken from quite a distance.  The zoom passed the test.  It is better - and higher res, too.

A field of daisies.

Some beach pea showing it's gorgeous color.  This camera is not as good for flowers as the one I use. Just sayin'.

I could lean on the fence and look  at this view all day.  The camera never managed to catch the cedar waxwings that kept flying over the reeds.  More afternoon snacking.

But, look closely, through the reeds and we see who's having a dream in the sun.  Truly delightful. 


Pam Lofton said...

NICE! This morning, the news group on channel two were just talking about purple martins being spotted in the area and asked for anyone who has seen them to take pictures and send them in. I had never even heard of them before that and now I've heard of them a second time today in your post---maybe it's a sign that I'm going to see one! I'd better google image one speedy quick. LOL

Rudee said...

Oh, great! Now I have that song stuck in my head...

Fabulous photographs. I had to enlarge the sea lion to see his whiskers. You hold him...I'll get the tweezers. That's what friends are for right? Plucking you whiskers when you can't.

Joanna said...

Love those little cabins on stilts. Like fairy houses.

J.G. said...

What a nice walkabout! (Except for the song -- I moved on quickly for fear I would catch it.) So much to see in the big picture and the little details.


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