Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the clouds

Two hours of driving, a million miles away.

Up bright and early on Tuesday, we set off on a road trip to Whistler.  There's a big adventure in store.  One minute we're in a village with the clouds lowering and, the next - well, after a gondola ride -  we're here on Whistler Mountain: above the clouds and looking out over the mountains.

And more mountains.

Another gondola ride across the valley takes us to Blackcomb Mountain.  Here, we happen across a hoary marmot, suntanning on the rocks.  These marmots make a whistling sound which explains the name, Whistler.

Then a chairlift ride to the top.  Where it's still winter.

And there are more mountains.

A painter takes advantage of the gorgeous day for some plein air artistry.

And there are more mountains and stunning views.

We ride down the chairlift, then hop on another, and yet another as we float gently down the mountain to the village.  I hadn't been on a chairlift for almost 40 years and had uneasy memories of having to jump and run.  But I needn't have fretted - it's all so controlled, slow and safe now.  I could have ridden the chairs all day.  Just sitting in the sunshine, with nothing but blue sky, birds singing, tall trees and rocks.  Often there are carpets of flowers below and it's quiet.   Really, really quiet.

In the village, there are hundreds of  these bike warriors just off the mountain trails, covered in mud and dressed in armor.  Apparently, this guy has already been through the bike wash.

A closer view of  some red flowers that we have yet to identify.  This was taken from the chair with a zoom - we never did get close to them.
Tomorrow is another day.  And an even bigger adventure. 


Catherine said...

Beautiful photos and Whistler Mountain seem fabulously Alpine! It could be in central Europe. I left a reply to your comment on my blog on the wedding over at my blogpost! What a coincidence that you'd stayed there! Enjoy the summer even if it's winter on Whistler! I laughed at your comment on Newfoundland being windy and clotheslines everywhere. We have them here too, and the washing can often be days drying if it's our wet summer!
Catherine xxx

Rachel Cotterill said...

Wow, wow, wow. When can I go?

Mimi said...

Stephanie, I'm so jealous!
wow, I knew Whistler was nice, but these are stunning photos, especially the one from the very top, with the artist there.
Was it cold up where the snow was?
I can't believe it's only 2 hours drive from you *turning green here!*

Stephanie V said...

Mimi - it was actually very hot!

Pam Lofton said...

I want to go there right NOW! I want some snow and cold! It was 114 with the heat index here today. UGH. The views truly are stunning.

Joanna said...

What a lovely way to spend a day--suspended over such beauty and snow. Now that we have our heat here in Victoria it's even more appealing.

Rudee said...

That snow looks so refreshing! It's so humid here. I'd lay naked in that snow if I could.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Breathtaking views!! So very beautiful. Loved the little marmot shot! LOL! He is a cutie! blessings ~ tanna


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