Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Stash

It seems like a long time since I've reported on the stash reduction.  Not that I was making much of a dent while away.  I had a half-finished pair of socks to take with me.

I actually finished them when I was home again.  These are made from Luxury Collection Footloose from Diamond yarn.  This yarn is so lovely and squishy with brilliant colors.  I'm glad I got some as a gift since I'd never have seen it otherwise.  I left them plain to show off the colors - that's code for 'I was lazy'.  The toe is a short-row version finished with a 3-needle bind-off as I had no sewing needle with me on the trip.

How long does yarn have to be stored before it's stash?  I've had the sock blanks since January...I think they qualify.  While I was playing with the dyes, I figured I'd color another blank.

 I'd also had this vision after making my first Wingspan.  Now I have the Arara in Flight.  I like how the colors blend in and out.  I am also please that my inexpert dyeing isn't evident.  I have a lot still to learn.  I have four more blanks to practice on. 

And this is where I am with my Woodstocks.  Like any self-striping yarn, this drives me to carry on to the next blend, the next color.  Now that I'm on the foot, I can hardly wait until the words start to show up.  I am loving these colors.  And the yarn is nice, too.  My pattern seems pretty labor-intensive but that may just be because I'm thinking it through as I go. 

It's a nice day for a little drive.  I'll leave the knitting behind and see what's happening up the mountain. 


Mimi said...

Interesting that you ask how long before it's considered stash, just as I was thinking.."how long has Stephanie been doing stash reduction, she must be near the end of it now!!
The "inexpert2 dyeing that you did looks wonderful to me. Can't wait to see how that knits up. And your cable socks are great. So, all socks at the moment, yes?

Stephanie V said...

Mimi - the shawl/scarf is made from the handpainted sock blank in the tropical colors. Just a little digression from the socks and it's over now.

Rose said...

Love your Wingspan! I didn't realize you were knitting one too. Probably didn't take you as long as it did me, haha.

deb said...

Love how your wingspan turned out! It is beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished socks either. They are looking great. Thanks for indulging me & buying the sock blanks! ;)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

love. love. love your Wingspan!! And, I'm right with you on the joy of color changes. ;) Those socks are a very lovely colorway. Well done. blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

The wingspan and new sock are incredible, well done.


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