Friday, July 6, 2012

Just another

Day in paradise, that is.   The locals tell us that we've been very lucky with the weather which has been sunny and summery for the whole time we've been on the north coast.

Yesterday morning we started  out for an early morning walk to explore this tiny village tucked between a high wooded hill and a lovely cove.   There  were flowers blooming in the gardens.  No one really bothers much with cultivating gardens here.  They mow the wild stuff down if they want a bit of flat to walk on.  But someone has created a lovely bed of poppies for sunshine even in the fog.

Out on the water we watched a family of dolphins appear to be playing but I expect that their business was making sure that they and their children were fed.  No photos as we couldn't get good ones.  Up on that hill we found two moose.  At first they looked liked those cutouts that people put out in their yards.  But, they moved so we took the picture relieved that we weren't just gullible tourists.

Our long-awaited visit to L'Anse aux Meadows was a little less than I had expected since I thought that there would be some excavations still.  All has been studied, removed or left in the ground to sod over.  Very interesting, nonetheless.

 The Norse sagas have always held a fascination for me.  There were heavy replica swords to try out. Perhaps I've discovered my inner Viking?

Always something to see.  A visit to a tea room gave us a whole lot more than this delicious bakeapple cheesecake.  Bakeapple is the most wonderful  fruit...also known as cloudberry.  We have all fallen in love with it.  he mere hint that this treat might be in the offing and even the most rebellious of us quickly fall into line.

But, look!  We have an iceberg out in the water.  It is, they told us, about 150 feet high and 550 feet long.  Now you know that 7/8 of a berg is under the water, right?  Just thinking about meeting one out in my small boat is scary.  We also watched  four humpback whales patrolling back and forth across the bay.  Again, not really close enough for photos.  We're waiting for the the shares from those with those long, long lenses.

We paid  a visit to the Grenfell Museum.  A wonderful humanitarian, Grenfell did so much to bring medical care to the north here.  He also helped to free them from the indebtedness to the merchants - what they call the 'truck trade'.  He and his wife established the Newfoundland and Labrador crafts around the world.  i was especially interested in the hooked rugs, of course.  I did not buy one.  Unfortunately, my budget doesn't run that high.

Here's a view of the Grenfell family home.  This porch looks out over the water at St Anthony.  It was a hot sunny day.  Doesn't this porch look inviting?

And, now for the capper to the day.  A few of us went out to take in some local entertainment.  These guys were playing the tradional music nd we were having a great time.

Then, the mummers dropped in and the party really started.  Everybody up dancing!

Mummers are a Christmas tradition here but I guess the tourists need some fun and won't be here in the winter.  Carpe diem.  One dares not refuse a mummer's invitation.  They all carry heavy sticks which they can use to pound out the  music beat or ward off the neighborhood dogs who don't recognize them. 

We are tired but happy'

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Rudee said...

It's all looking so beautiful to me! Especially that iceberg. Looks so cooling and refreshing. I could have a lie down atop that berg and be so happy right now. We're roasting down here.


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