Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a few more

Photos from Newfoundland.  I hope that you're not tired of them yet.  Each time, I go into the file, I find interesting shots.  These are all from around the Bonavista peninsula.

Just chillin' with the puffins in the fog...

A long way back from Bird Island.

Puffin eggs are a gull delicacy.  I think they're very pretty , too.

The trees on the Rock are not very big by our West Coast standards.  Fences are easier to make out of the branches than to mill boards.  Save the good stuff for the houses.  This is the country version of a garden fence...

And this is the townie way to do it.  I think this one is more ornamental than useful, don't you?

I finally found out why the bells are placed on the ground beside the churches instead of in the steeple as we're more used to seeing them.  If there's an accident at sea, anyone can ring the bell as an alarm.  Keeping it accessible is the number one priority. 

 A wild azalea growing near the sea.

Another view from the town of Trinity. 


Susan Kane said...

Keep those photos coming! Each one is like a mini-vacation.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

No, I am absolutely NOT tired of seeing these! ;) Love that chair! blessings ~ tanna

Angie said...

I've really loved seeing your photos (can see most of them - yes I'm still having trouble!!) keep 'em coming.

J.G. said...

Me, neither -- not tired at all! And the practicality of the bells-on-the-ground is such a nice detail of life in that area.

Rose said...

Love your photos! Especially the chair and the rustic fence!

Rudee said...

Nope. Not sick of your photos at all.

I love the chair and the chapel best I think, but that garden fence is pretty fetching, too.

Anonymous said...

Great photos ones again :)
Have a nice weekend!


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