Friday, September 7, 2012

Fifty Fridays #6

I love this week in the year.  It's back to school week.  It was my favorite time when I was a kid.

This is me and my brother setting off on what was probably the first full day of school in September.  I don't think we would have taken our lunchboxes if we weren't staying all day.  But I can tell you I was so proud of my Dale Evans lunchbox that I might well have carried it empty just to show it off.

My memory isn't the greatest but I think I was going into Grade 3 and my brother was just starting Grade 1.  We did not have kindergarten in those days so it would have been his first day in any kind of learning setting.
We had obviously done what kids have done every summer forever.  We grew.  We got tans.  We spent the hot, lazy days of summer playing with our friends and wishing - in alternate breaths - that school days would never come and that September would soon arrive.  Kids always think they can have it all.

This would be my last year at this school but I didn't know that yet.   I wonder if my brother even remembers that school as he only spent one year there.  Hmm...must ask.

When my kids were in school, this was my favorite week because I could look forward to the structure to my days that schooltime brings.  For kids and parents.  Bedtimes are mandatory, meals are more regular and, when they all get old enough, the door closed and I could have another cup of coffee and read a few pages or knit a few rows. 

Now, I know that in the next few minutes, I will hear their bright voices carrying through the open window as kids walk to the school a couple of blocks away.  I miss them during summer vacation.  The school year is still putting structure to my days. 


Susan Kane said...

Beautifully written, Stephanie. Captured the feeling of wanting summer to last forever, yet longing for school and seeing friends.

Dale Evans lunchbox?? All I got were paper bags.

Rudee said...

I always loved the first day of school, too.

Your brother looks a little nervous.

Joanna said...

Funny how those long-ago years at school still inform our Septembers. It's still my favourite time of year. You do look proud of your lunchbox.


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