Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Wonders - M

M is for Missing.

The day before yesterday, there were twenty apples on our tree.  Our first crop!  We have watched over these apples as carefully as mother hens with new chicks.  We were bursting our buttons with pride at their healthy growth and reddening skins.  Our taste buds were waiting impatiently for that first tangy, crunchy bite. 

But, overnight, something took half of them.  This is what we have left.  They've been picked too early, I know.  The tang is more like tart and they could have stayed on the tree a bit longer.  But, since we have no idea who - or what - took them it seemed like a good idea to get them while we could. 

My daughter tells me to wrap them in paper and they'll ripen.  Good idea. 


Rudee said...

If I were a betting woman, I'd say you have a raccoon nearby. Imagine how disappointed the culprit will be that they didn't take them all their first time out!

I agree with your daughter. Put them in a brown paper bag and stick them in a cool cupboard. They'll get there.

Mimi said...

Aw pity to not be able to let the ripen naturally, but I've heard of the brown paper trick before. Also I think if you put bananas beside them it helps them ripen...take your pick (excuse pun!).
My plants are in danger from a few squirrels; they dig into pots to hide nuts.
Nature can be difficult at times!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking my likely a bear.

Angie said...

Well, I hope the thieves get stomach ache!! No paper bags for them.

Maria said...

I picked my apples when the squirrels started eating them. Alex noticed the first one eating an apple, and sure enough when we went out, there was 1/2 an apple on the tree, so we picked that tree, a few weeks later it started on the other tree. so we picked those. Fortunately the kids like them tart like the squirrels :)

A banana will definitely work or another ripe apple. The ripe fruit gives off ethylene which promotes ripening. Also promotes rotting so watch carefully! You have probably heard the saying about a rotten apple spoiling the bunch. This is why.

Cindy said...

Just over night, hum. Suspicious for sure, well good job you picked the rest of them or you wouldn't even have them. Yes I heard of a paper bag to ripen them before.

There is an apple orchard just about too far for a good bike ride on a Sunday afternoon that we go to often and take the girls. If you remember Anna falling off the wagon last year at the apple orchard, lol I can't help but share, have a look at the apple in her hand, she is upside down and the apple is being held in the air so it doesn't hit the ground.
Come and visit soon! Take care, Cindy

Lindy said...

Those are sure beautiful apples. I'd put in a guess for a raccoon or a squirrel...or maybe a bear if you have them nearby.

Years ago, at a different house, we had a grapevine. That first year we had them, I came home from work one night and noticed they were ready to pick and by the time I got to them the next day, the birds had already had their feast. We used netting every year after that.


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