Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday wonders - J

J is for Jewels.

I don't have anything that I would consider jewels. I'm a very plain person, I think.  Or lazy.  Accessorizing is hard to remember to do and usually I don't bother.  Since I love to look  at jewels,  I'm very glad that Mother Nature always remembers to put on her shiny stuff each day.

I can walk out to the garden in any season and find something  beautiful.  Like these beautyberries. 

Or a blueberry leaf dressed for fall.

Diamonds are almost always on offer.

Maybe a cluster of black pearls is to your liking?

Right now the garden is getting ready to set out the winter wardrobe.  That means holly berries.

Who needs to buy jewelry when it's all around?  


Annie said...

Hi Stephanie.

My kind of jewelry. Less is more and nature always strikes just the right balance.

Happy Sunday

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

These are my favorite jewels!! ;) Just breathtakingly beautiful. blessings ~ tanna

Joyful said...

Fantastic photos. You can't improve on nature's jewels ;-)

Angie said...

Jewels indeed!

Susan Kane said...

Absolutely sparkling!

Anonymous said...

You show the most beautiful jewelry :)


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