Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Stash

I have had an interesting learning experience this week.  And all because I met a cat on Facebook. 

My niece was cat-sitting last weekend.  His name is Wesley and he's a Hairless cat.  Most of the comments were of the 'eew' variety and I confess I didn't warm up to him at first, either.  But, then, my knitter's fingers saw an opportunity.  He lives in a city with cold winters.  He needs woollies.  I researched Hairless cats and know way more now than I ever thought I needed to know.  I also found a couple of patterns for cat sweaters. 

This is Wesley's Hoodie.  It isn't meant for a cat like him but rather one with its own fur coat.  But I think he could wear over a thinner pullover.  Like when he goes out to play in the snow.  Do you think he needs legwarmers and boots, too?  Here is the pattern if you want to dress your cat in something other than doll clothes. 

I call this Wesley's Star Trek shirt because I can so see the young William Shatner on the Enterprise in this pullover.  It's very soft...I'm sure he'll love to wear it around the house.  Wesley has proven to be an able stash buster. I'm sorry that I don't have a cat to model these things.  They do look weird when they aren't on a body.

Not forgetting the people fashions, I started a pair of socks.  I'm using this pattern  by Sarah Wolf but I'm not wholly convinced that I'm using the right yarn for this pattern.  Maybe just a plain sock would be best.  Decisions, decisions.

And, last, a really easy scarf.  This is a variation on the Seafoam pattern.  You can find the pattern by  Kate Heister right here

I hope to have some photos of Wesley, man cat about town.  Just as soon as he gets his package in the mail. 


Anonymous said...

Cute idea.

Rudee said...

That's a great idea for the cat. I keep thinking, Leo, who is always cold, would love a hand knit sweater. II fear it would be a bigger commitment than a human sweater. I think I'll just buy him a new one.


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