Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bird food

In the winter, we leave food out for the birds.  nature does a pretty good job, too. 

This is one of the finches who came to our neighbor's rose bushes this afternoon.  A little soft-focus but this was with my zoom and through a window so I didn't frighten them away.  Finches are very nervous feeders.  The slightest movement can  send them flying off. I love how his beak is full of rose hip pulp.  And he seems to be looking at me. Maybe.

There are a couple of bird feeders and there is a full suet basket hung up after the bears go to to their dens.  The bush tits always have big family dinners here. 

I had a surprise today, though.  The suet basket has been ripped down from the eaves.  It isn't on the ground so I figure the critter took it somewhere to figure out how to get the tasty cake out of the basket.  It could be a raccoon.  It could also be a bear.  They should all be sleeping now but apparently they aren't.  Big headline today in our local newspaper said that since they still find food easily - especially on garbage day - a few have remained to share our Christmas feasts. 


Rose said...

Catching up on your posts! Sorry I've been amiss at commenting. I love feeding the birds too, but we don't have any snow here so far. So thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good Christmas!

Mimi said...

I like your description "bush tits always have big family dinners here".
You have bears roaming around? I can imagine that they would find plenty of food, cities are good hunting grounds now with so many take-aways.
We kive ti feed the birds here too, but squirrels nick some of the food (you'll gather I'm not a fan!).
Thanks for the email about ravelry, I am a member, so will have a look on that site.

Rudee said...

Well I hope at least you keep a camera handy!

Yikes! Bear?


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