Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Stash

This is sort of an un-stash Saturday since both the yarns featured today are new. 

I have finished the shawl.  Oh, it is beautiful. The long edge is over 6 feet and it's about 18 inches at the wide edge of the wedge.  For me it will be more scarf than shawl and is very flexible.  A big cowly type of scarf for keeping the neck warm.  Or it can fit over my head like a kerchief with lots to still go around my neck.  And since it's so long and tapered,  there are many ways to wind it around.  The alpaca/silk is so soft and very warm.  I'm a happy knitter. The photos are not great today.  Outside is not the easiest place to take photos today and I needed the extra light.  So colors are a little muted from reality.

I am half finished my Purple Rain socks.  These are just an easy slip-stitch design.  I was too lazy to use an actual pattern and was just going to make plain socks since the yarn was fancy.  But I really needed to break up the pooling effect of this yarn and the easiest way is with a slip stitch.  So, we have raindrops.  Actually they're pretty steady rain, aren't they?  But way better than snowflakes in my weather world. 

My current knitting goal is to have no UFO's to start 2013.  That means finishing the short-sleeved pink cardi that I started in the summer.  There's another purple sock to make.  And there are two scarves started which will be for donation.  Piece o'cake, right?   Come on back next Saturday to see if I met the goal. 


Mimi said...

OMG Stephanie, you don't half set high goals! And I know you will party with family in-between; are you céidhlíing again this year?

Joanna said...

Oh that scarf is just a beauty! Love it.

Rudee said...

I do so love that shawl and the purple socks are yummy, too.

The only possible way for me to have no UFOs to start out 2013 is if I frog them all!

It's a thought.

Angie said...

That shawl is magnificent!! Looks like you will need it. Have a wonderful holiday - Seasons Greetings to you & yours.

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is great. Love the scaarf and yes the sock is better with the slip stitch. There will be no reading for you this week to get all that knitting done.


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