Friday, December 7, 2012

Fifty Fridays #18

First up...thank you to all who helped with good advice on the photo storage.  I eventually decided to just pay .  As I said it wasn't the cost, it was the method of payment.  But, as my older - and wiser than I - son pointed out: "Google already knows everything about you".  That did it.  I had to admit I was being silly and just get on with the show.  I've since updated my T post from last Sunday with some photos.

So, here I am with a shiny new drawer in the photo file ready to be filled up.  What better occasion to do that than on my birthday.

In honor of the day, I'm bringing out this old photo.  I'm not sure that this is taken exactly on my birthday although it certainly could be.  It is clearly winter in Vancouver.  The winters were slightly colder back then so more snow than now.  And more consistent snow, too. But a lovely sunny day it was and perfect for taking pictures.  No flash bulbs and it would have been too dark in the house.

I would have been three years old that winter.  This photo makes me smile because of the slippers - which I don't remember.  And my brother's toy train engine would fetch a lot of interest on the collectible toy market, I think.   I wonder if the little stuffed dog was a birthday gift?  My mother would have taken a photo to send back East to the families there.

Today it's so easy to click off a photo on our phones. Or take a lot of photos on our digital cameras and never worry about how many we take just to get that perfect one.  Flashes are built-in to everything so we don't have to trek the kids out to the front step for the best light.  Then with another click or two, we can share them with anyone we choose no matter how far away they might be. And they see them instantly.   No taking the films in and waiting for what seemed like forever for those pictures to come back.    If I want a print - not a very common occurrence - I can easily do that online and pick them up the same day.  Then my mother would have had to wait for the prints and then reorder a quantity of whatever looked the best and mail them off with a letter or card.  

Yes, birthday snaps have really changed in those sixty-plus years. 


Rudee said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Stephanie!

I left a link to you and an award on my post today if you'd like to play.

Empty Nester said...

I so enjoy your Friday posts! Especially today's---Happy Birthday! I hope you get to celebrate all weekend long!


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