Friday, December 28, 2012

Fifty Fridays #21

Since this is a time of looking back, I thought I'd go into the way-back and bring out an older photo.

This is my mother's mother and her mother.  So, my gran and my great-gran.  My mother looked very much like hers, don't you agree?  I really don't know who the child in the middle is.  My grandmother had a lot of siblings so there were always lots of cousins.  But having the child in such a formal portrait makes me wonder who she really was.  Maybe a cousin who was a permanent addition to the family?  These things did happen quite often then.

I see that I have given Mr Blair some publicity.  I have no doubt the photographer was a man.  I think the photo looks better for having the cardboard holder. 


Mimi said...

I'm wondering where is Oxford NS? Lovely photo, the child is obviously well-loved to be in the photo.
I really love how formal these old photos are, so different from nowadays where they're just slapped up on facebook!

Angie said...

Oxford NS 'blueberries'. That's a precious photo. Do you have a family tree?

Empty Nester said...

I love old photos- the older the better. One of Deanie's old boyfriend's mother had a wall of photos of their family. I copied it somewhat only I went back to our great-grandparents on both my side and the husband's side. I'll have to post about the wall one day. Your grandmother was gorgeous!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, yes, you can definitely see a family resemblance there. I love aged old photos - digital won't be the same for our descendants, will it?

Sue H said...

I love looking at old photographs. Having been exploring my family tree I've come across people I know only by the pictures I've seen and the anecdotes I've been told. there's a few here

SueH I refuse to go quietly!

Lily Tequila said...

There is a striking likeness- beautiful photograph, and how lucky to have that history!


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