Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday wonders - V

V is for Violin.

The Fiddle Player by Andrew Krieger

I have been told that music lovers divide into two camps: violin or piano.  Strings or percussion.  I don't always believe everything I'm told.   I love the violin.  Its voice has the amazing ability to take on any emotion.  I can travel on the wings of violin music to almost any corner of the world. But I also love piano music. And I love winds.  And brass.  And bagpipes. 

My father could play what he called the 'fiddle'.   I think one of my nieces has that old violin now.  Oddly, I never, ever heard him play.  The violin only appeared after I had grown up and I'm sure he was pretty rusty so never took it out while I was around.

 Or maybe there was another reason?  Families and their relationships are always at work in every story.  My father's relationship with his father wasn't always the best as frequently happens with fathers and sons.  I have a memory of issues around this instrument when he was a boy.  But, as usual, I don't have the whole story and never will. 

Funny what one letter can bring up. 

* The painting was borrowed from this blog.


Mimi said...

"Families and their relationships are always at work in every story."
I'm sure there's a fascinating story behind that violin/fiddle. And fiddle backs up that Celtic ancestry, doesn't it? My sister-in-law plays the fiddle, as do some of their children; played well, it is beautiful, and one must have patience and faith when someone is learning. But that's true of any instrument, isn't it?

Rudee said...

Family lore can be mysterious.

Empty Nester said...

I love them all as well. But my favorite is the cello. It moves me like no other instrument can.

Cindy of PEI said...

Free writing with the letter "V", lol yes it is funny how a single thought can lead into a memory.

Non of our family are music oriented we usually got together with others who played. In Prince Edward Island we have kitchen parties where there are many who play guitar, fiddle, violin and tap, memories. Back to building product today, take care, cindy


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