Monday, August 17, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

Not very mellow and mostly green...but there are bits of yellow, too. Check out those nifty feet. And his antennae are so long - I could only get half their length in the frame.

This guy was sitting on the barbecue the other night. He'd found shelter under the cover and showed no signs of wanting to get away from us. We had quite a long photo shoot. In the end he had to be encouraged to move - or be roasted. He moved.

Drowsy Monkey hosts this meme - look here for more Mellow Yellow Monday.


Mar said...

He made the right decision :)
Great portrait!

Rita said...

Very interesting. I had just the same experience with a praying matis a week or so ago. Used the shots for Shadow Shot Sunday.

Thanks for the visit to my high flying flag.

Mimi said...

Super shot, I love the way the sun highlights half his body.
He did right to move on, though I know you wouldn't really have roasted him!

hip chick said...

In some places roasted grasshoppers are a delicacy...?

Carol said...

I do see yellow there! Happy MYM...


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