Friday, August 28, 2009

New projects

It's the season of new beginnings. School starts and the weather cools off. And even though I have some creative commitments, I've not felt very motivated this summer. It was too hot to work in the hooking studio/sewing room. It's also a SUN room facing south and west.

A little while ago, I was given a huge cone of yarn that is somewhere between sock weight and lace weight. It's also very prettily pink. I was inspired by Rudee to knit a shawl. However, it was summer and I couldn't face an intricate pattern with counted rows and complex stitch repeats. So, I decided to start at the bottom point and work up with a lace rib adding a stitch at each side every other row until I get to the size I want. I'll figure out a flouncy border later to balance the vertical lines. It reminds me of those pink chiffon scarves we used to tie around our ponytails.

I also have a quilt to make for my grandson who has turned 3. That is the magic number needed to get a Grammy quilt for your bed. I went looking in my fabric stash and discovered that I have a lot of girly stuff. I wanted bright colors and I had - finally - chosen a pattern. Quilt patterns are not created with boys in mind at all. I usually make scrappy quilts because I have so much in my stash and most of it is pieces less than a meter. But I figured I might challenge myself to stick to a few fabrics which means fewer, larger pieces. And I so didn't want to buy any more. Yesterday, I had all 16 plastic boxes out on the floor trying to choose. This is what I have come up with:

The working title is Keys to the Universe. Making up a title is the easy part.

And, not to be forgotten is the fact that Katie had her first birthday this summer. And, of course, that's also a lottery winner - you get a rug. For some reason, inspiration wasn't popping into my little gray cells. But the other day I sat down and sketched out an idea. I was trying to keep to a theme that I started with #1 and 2. I'm pretty happy with it. All I have to do now is hook it. I'm drawing it on the backing today and that's a lot closer to being done.

I'll update as I work through this fall. I wonder which one will be done first?


Joanna said...

September--the time of new beginnings. I like the title for the quilt. And what little girl wouldn't like her own piece of the sky? Talk about commitments though. A rug and a quilt. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

the quilt and rug will be great. I like the design for the rug. I have been thinking of future projects as well.

Rudee said...

I love them all, but I'm partial to the shawl. I saw some beautiful hooked rugs at the state fair today.

I love the colors you put together for the quilt.

Mimi said...

Ooh, Stephanie, you're making me jealous and ashamed at the same time, both of which, I'm conscious, are useless emotions!
Jealous of your "New Beginnings" attitude and projects, and ashamed that I'm in a kind of limbo till next week, when school returns, all hell breaks loose, and new projects will begin!
Please keep us posted.

P.S. Can you believe it? The word verif is "misting"- pretty much describes me!!


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