Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday wonders - V

V is for Vintage: the stage between contemporary and antique. Today, I'm celebrating the Summer of Love. Two weddings (mine, Joanna's) and a road trip to California made this a year to remember.

So, this is me in a vintage 1969 outfit. Oh, I loved this costume. And, I did think of clothing as costume back then. Hmmm....I think I still do. A discussion for another post. I made this from a white and navy linen-like fabric. But the best part was the red, white and blue braid. Tying my hair back is a prized red silk scarf that I had purchased at I Magnin in San Francisco. I am walking on the beach at Boundary Bay.

The photo was taken by Doug Abrams, who with my then-husband, was a keen amateur photographer. They looked for interesting shots and did all the developing work themselves. The photos were always in black and white and many of them were worthy of an exhibition. It was carefully mounted on a heavy card and hung on a wall in my sewing room for many years. It's a vintage treasure...


Paws on the Run said...

Very cool!

Sunita said...

Oh, that's really worth treasuring! I know what you mean about vintage things... I love it too :)

hip chick said...

Your right it is a wonderful photo. It is so hard to find photos of ourselves and then harder still to find one we really like.

Mimi said...

A venerable vintage outfit indeed.
And a fab photo too.
Thanks for sharing it.


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