Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday scene

Back to Ireland...

Isn't this a pretty city view?

This is a private cricket ground outside the University in Cork. At least all the clues we could see led us to believe it was cricket. There were several well-dressed older gentlemen having a chat near the clubhouse. They were keeping a wary eye on us that we didn't invade their sanctum.

We were more interested in what was on the hill behind because we had to walk up there to find the Butter Museum.


Mimi said...

Stephanie, I recognise that view of Cork well. The green of the grass is stunning. The grey sky, however, is all too familiar!

Glennis said...

Your right, it is one of the prettiest city views I have seen. All kind of pink and white and lining the hillside. And the well tended grassy green, very nice.

Rudee said...

What's at the Butter museum?

This is a pretty photo--it would make a picture perfect postcard.


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