Thursday, August 13, 2009

Water, water, everywhere.

Anne was sitting down, taking a coffee break from the painting this morning. The conversation was something like this:

"Is it going to rain today?"
"Yes, it's supposed to."
"When do you think?"
"Today, sometime. But looking at the sky I'd say it's not far away."

Anne went outside to assess the situation and FLASH! then CRA-A-ACK! The storm was upon us and the lightening was very close. I swear that one strike was right over our house.

The rain began and Anne was scrambling to get the ladder and paint stuff inside. Then the rain really came down. It was like a big water can dumping on us. The gutters flowed over.

Out came the ladder again as she went up to clear any debris. I'm holding the other end, by the front door, which is sagging with the weight of the continuing deluge. Suddenly the water overflows onto my hand and runs down my arm and down the inside of my nightgown. It was so-o cold! Now I'm drenched. The gutter is cleared.

And just when we thought it was lightening up, the rain came down even stronger. Here's our road in front of the house. Looks more like a lake in a rainstorm.

We checked out back and forgotten on a chair was this little fellow who was put out to dry last night.

What? Me worry?


Andrea said...

I'd like some of that rain, please - they predict rain and all we get is the odd sprinkle.

Mimi said...

Gosh, you're brave! I thought it rained a lot here in Ireland, but we never get it that bad.
Hope it cleared enough for Anne to finish the painting :)

Joanna said...

My that little dolly looks cute--but wet. I'm sorry about your drenching, but the rain is overdue, right? We haven't had more than a bit of a drizzle today.

BTW: my word verification is sittsh. Could it be a new more acceptable swear word?

hip chick said...

We had rain like that the other morning. It was crazy.

Rudee said...

We had rain like that last weekend. It's been beautiful ever since.

Poor little naked cabbage patch doll.

Stephanie V said...

Andrea - here I was thinking your well was filling up with this rain..

Joanna - we needed the rain, true, but not all at once. Sheesh!

Mimi - this is why we were never put out by the rain in was always so soft and gentle.

Rudee & hip chick - we're supposed to have summer weather again. Is this climate change?

Anonymous said...

That rain was a doozy! I think even the mountain has enough rain now to reduce the risk of fires.

Annie said...

Wow. That was one crazy down pour. My grandfather used to call them gutter busters. :)

Andrea said...

We actually did finally get an hour-long downpour after work. And our water restrictions were lifted - yay!


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