Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday scene

I'm starting a new theme day for myself. I'm leaving it with a vague title so I can be pretty loose in its definition.

This is my daughter and I on the beach below her house on Salt Spring Island. Most scenery photos that we take have no humans in them. I think that the two figures convey a quietness to the composition. Or maybe it just has some meaning to me.

The morning was just as pretty and peaceful as it looks here.


Rudee said...

What a pretty place you've found on this earth of ours.

Joanna said...

You're right that so few scenery photos include people. I wonder why that is. I like you're new theme but I'm hoping you'll still continue with Sunday Wonders.

Stephanie V said...

And just think, Rudee, my daughter gets to live there :)

Joanna, I will continue with my wonders...only 6 more 'til I get to start over. I was looking at my photos and decided I had a lot of scenery - what to do?


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