Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday wonder - W

W is for Worms.
They are the heroes of our garden.

They spend the year here at home, eating all our vegetable waste and producing rich dark soil for our garden.

In the spring, we take the composted soil out by the shovelful - usually a few worms make it out, too - and spread it around. Our zucchinis are very happy with their nutritional supplement.

Right now, the worms have been gorging themselves on the bounty of the harvest's peelings. When food is plentiful, like any animal, the worms reproduce like mad. It's especially fun to find a wee nest of the babies. So tiny and often curled up in an egg shell. I occasionally leave the shells intact just for that purpose.

We always lose worms through the winter, though, so population control isn't difficult. And we can spread them out into the garden to aerate the earth there.

What wonder workers.


Mimi said...

How true! Worms are wonderful creatures indeed, taking our waste and creating nourishment from it.
Our rabbit, before his demise, did much the same, though we always had a compost bin and still do. It's a great way of recycling!

Joanna said...

Nice post on worms--it increased my appreciation of these creatures. I'm impressed with your efficient compost system and the zucchini looks so healthy. I can't believe you're at W already. What will you do in three weeks, start at A again?

Rudee said...

They make for great gardens, don't they?


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