Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is there meaning?

Looking up at an apartment building, my eye was caught by words which seemed to be attached to the windows of  one side.

They said:  "the clouds looked no nearer when I was lying on the street".  The beginning (unseen) says: "lying on top of the building".   This was written by a British artist, Liam Gillick, and now adorns this building.

The letters weren't on the windows as I had thought.  The letters were a kind of low railing attached outside the windows.  The  balconies  don't appear useful  so I think they must be to remind window-openers of that fact.

But maybe there is no sense to be made of this.  It's art - there doesn't need to be an explanation.  Or even a function.

And that reminds me of a snippet of conversation heard while walking by the open-air artists' market in Stanley Park: a little girl is curious about what she sees; her mother says, dismissively: "It's just art, dear."


Rose said...

Oh, I think that's cool!! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the support about Earl!

Ginny said...

Good art makes you think, and this sure does! How unusual, I really like it! Someone has a very creative mind!

Angie said...

More builders/developers should use our artists. This is such a good example. Well spotted!

Anonymous said...

...and people squashed out by falling down are no-wanted art :(

Great photos ;-)

Anonymous said...

You find the neatest stuff.


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