Monday, September 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Mellow yellow in the glass...

...champagne at brunch.  Who's mellow now?

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Ginny said...

A fancy brunch indeed!!

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh....that looks like my kind of breakfast, haha!

Kay L. Davies said...

Hi Stephanie --
Very mellow idea for MYM.
Thanks for visiting my blog. So, you're in North Van? A great place with super views. I lived there in the early 70s for a while, and still have friends there.
You might get a chuckle out of our China trip -- we picked the "air included" option through Viking River, and their point of departure nearest us in Alberta was Seattle. However, their route meant flying from Seattle to Vancouver, spending six hours in YVR, then flying to Beijing. So we phoned, explained we are Canadians with family near Vancouver, so could we get on there?
No, since 9/11 the US air travel regulations say if you miss one leg of your trip, you miss the whole thing.
I was actually in White Rock visiting my dad in a care facility, so I took a bus to Seattle to meet my husband, who had flown from Calgary, spent the night in Seattle, flew to Vancouver, etc. The next year we noticed they were offering Vancouver as a gateway city. LOL
-- K

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful bubbly, that would be a very mellow brunch.

Joanna said...

Just soooo mellow!

anjoe playhouse said...

Brunch with champagne - my face get yellow (and green)with envy :-D

April said...

Ooh, nice. A lovely glass of bubbly to celebrate the day.

Ewa said...

Oh, that would be lovely!!!


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