Friday, September 3, 2010


In the morning, I spied a different bird in the ash tree.  It looked like a chickadee.  No, wait!  It's a nuthatch.

Hey! It's one we've not seen before - a black-throated gray warbler.  Now this bird is actually fairly common in this part of the world, apparently.  So, we must have seen it before.  But chickadees are much more common.  Pretty easy to get them confused if you, like us, don't know the difference.

And, just in case you thought the bees had stopped working so hard as summer fades, look here.

They are busy, busy on the Sedum "Autumn Joy".

Our expected visitors came later in the afternoon.  Joanna and Harry dropped in during their visit to Vancouver.   It was a lovely sunny day and we could sit out on the deck, enjoy our tea and catch up.  We were busy talking that neither of us thought about getting a camera out for a photo.  Take my word for it...we were relaxed and happy.


Ginny said...

That sedum is beautiful! And you could have fooled me, on first glance, it looks like a chickadee. Glad you had a good time visiting, you must have had a blast if you forgot to take pictures!

Angie said...

You have such different birds to the ones visiting my garden. Great shots! Also liked your last post, nice reserve to walk in (my dads middle name was Seymour).

Mimi said...

I love the pink, summery colour of your "Autumn Glory".
Nice you were able to have tea outside, and sometimes it's nice to forget the camera too!


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