Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday wonders - Y

Yesterday was a fine day weatherwise.  Good thing, too because it had a way of lurching from side to side.

On my way out to enjoy brunch, I discovered that one of my tires was flat.  I know!  Yet again!  And 'yet' is another Y-word.  So, a hasty phone call and I arranged to be picked up.  OK.  Swinging the pendulum over to the good side.

We drove to the chosen restaurant only to discover a triathlon in progress...we arrived in the village just as the mountain biking leg began.  Not a parking spot to be found.   So, on to plan B which led us to a lovely table outside and some delicious Eggs Benny.  Mine had smoked salmon...yum!

I could sit and watch the people walk by on their way to some Saturday shopping.  It was all lovely and bright and the conversation was good.

But later, back at home, we had a tire to deal with.  Changing a tire is no big deal but it does take a bit of muscle sometimes to get those lug nuts off.   Then, spare on,  we set off to our favorite tire store.

It was so easy.  While the tire guys worked, we swanned off to the grocery store across the road for some things on the list.  It being Saturday, the food sample folks were out in full force.  Now, since I try never to go to stores on a Saturday, I didn't realize what goodies there were.  Everyone was decked out in a chef's jacket and there was organic coffee, many kinds of crackers,  fresh local fruit,  fresh-baked cheesecake and, at one stall, huge fresh ciabatta buns with meat and veg inside.  Why pay for food?  Kids were running around grazing here and there.  They were willing to wait a long time for fresh supplies of those buns!

Back at the tire outlet, we were delighted to find that there was no charge for our repair and we went home quite happy.  A day of definite contrasts.


Ginny said...

Goodness, they didn't even charge you? I wonder why? I want to know what grocery store you go to!! sounds like Whole Foods!

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - they were repairing one of the tires that we bought last Dec. We were surprised because it was a nail so really our fault.

No, I don't shop at Whole Foods - it's further away and I find that for most stuff it's pretty costly.

WildeThymeKnits said...

Turned out to be a good day after all! Great customer service makes such a difference. I took Susielusie to get her sewing supplies for class yesterday. Jo-Ann's was heaving, no chance of help. Went to a smaller local store and got all the help we needed plus 10% discount!

Mimi said...

Free food, free tyre repair = YaY!
Thanks for the directions to that recipe, hope to make them tomorrow!
I'll let you know how I get on...

Lindy MacDuff said...

A very full day, with full bellies of yummy free food, and now a fixed-for-free tire full of new air!

Joanna said...

Right, I want to know the name of your grocery store. Is there one here in Victoria? Nice that your day turned out so well in the end.


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