Thursday, April 14, 2011

A - Z Challenge: Love

Ah, love!  It's springtime, when,  according to Tennyson, a young man's "fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love".

I found this little wood carving at the sale last weekend.  It was just so sweet and tender, I had to get a photo.  I especially liked the little 'acorn' cap on the baby.


Ginny said...

It is very sweet. It looks like it is made by the same company who make all those different angels.

Rudee said...

I love that hat and admit I've made more than a few of those myself.

EmptyNester said...

I love those little Willow Tree creations! I have several...two years ago I bought the brother and sister one for my brother Tony. I opened a gift and it was the carving I had given him. Or so I thought. He had bought me the very same thing!

jeannette said...

Very endearing little family!

Mimi said...

Aw, so sweet!
This was us 19 years ago (yes, our "baby" turned 19 yesterday!).Seeing this figurine does take me back to those tender moments.Lovely.
See the angel in the background? I have one of those on my windowsill!

Laura said...

That looks strangely like my brother's little family when my nephew Seb was born

cindy said...

Oh yes, Willow Tree collection. Someone dear to my heart gave me Angel of the Kitchen, lol, I think they were trying to tell me something. I love them, they hold special meanings for everyone. I found her have a look


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