Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A - Z Challenge: Violets

Meet Freckles!

She is not your typical 'shrinking violet'.  Freckles has lived in our garden for almost 15 years.  A friend, whose garden I had never seen, offered me a root of a violet with a blue and white flower.  She thought it would be perfect for a fellow member of Girl Guides.  (At the time, we leaders were wearing blue and white blouses.)  I had always loved discovering little clumps of violets hidden under trees along our hiking trails.  How wonderful to have a violet clump all for myself.  And such an unusual variety.   The handover was made and we planted Freckles with great care under the magnolia tree.  She has been very happy there ever since.  Very happy.

I would, however, caution you against thinking that Freckles needed adopting because she was a frail and tender young thing.  Not so at all.  Freckles has proven herself to be tough and determined.  She has a root system that rivals the buttercups.  There is no part of the garden that Freckles couldn't invade if we didn't keep her in check. Now, she and her descendants cover all the ground beneath that magnolia - and beyond.

But, through it all, isn't she lovely?  Each spring, I await the first fresh little faces with their cheeky grins,  I am never disappointed.


Rudee said...

Freckles is gorgeous!

I can't believe you're almost through the alphabet!

Mimi said...

Freckles is an unusual and beautiful violet.
I like how you give names to your plants! And it is nice to look in a garden and have a connection to people through plants given to us.

Stephanie V said...

Mimi - I wish I could take credit but Freckles is what the violet growers called her.
It is true that I always think of Teri when I see the flowers.

Ginny said...

Adorable!!! Is this actually a true violet variety called Freckles? I wonder if you can buy seeds for it? We have the little purple ones under our lilac bush and scattered around a few places.

EmptyNester said...

Wow, so, they will grow under Magnolias? Hmmm....I have nothing but dirt under mine...I may have to consider this.

Theres just life said...

That is such a lovely little flower. I am sure you enjoy it every year.
I don't know if I have told you yet, but I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting on my blog. I always enjoy your comments.

Pamela Jo

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

It is such a pretty flower; the name suits it very nicely :)

Joanna said...

That's one cool little violet. I've never seen one like that.


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