Thursday, April 21, 2011

A - Z Challenge: Ranunculus

Or, as it's better known to most of us:  buttercup.

Our much-colder-than-usual spring has delayed getting out in the garden.  Usually by this time, I've either thrown in the garden glove or I've won a few battles.  But this year, they have been able to "live long and prosper".  And when buttercups are happy, they know how to show it.

Come the first really sunny day (today) and they make little yellow happy faces wherever they've decided to homestead.  Buttercups spread underground in a very sneaky, yet effective manner.  So unlike my friend, the danedelion, which is upfront and honest in its propogation habits. 

Right now, the buttercups have made little leafy mats everywhere they could find bare ground.  These plants dig their roots in deeply and hold on tenaciously when I try to pull them up.  The only solution is to dig over the ground and try to get as many as possible.  Along with their sneaky roots. 

Today, I'm determined to get the upper hand :  Let the Ranunculus Wars begin!


Rudee said...

Oooh. I guess I see your point in not wanting this to ruin your garden. I'd use the formal nomenclature when speaking of this plant and your battle. Buttercup is much too cute a name. Wouldn't want folks to think you're a butcher or anything like that.

EmptyNester said...

Do you remember picking them as a child and holding them under each others chins to see if you liked butter?

Tony Payne said...

I love Buttercups, or at least I used to, but you rarely see them in England any more. Years ago there used to be whole areas of them and it was so pretty.

At least last week we went out walking and found several Bluebell Dells, nice wooded areas that were full of Bluebells (with some pink and white ones as well) out in flower.

Stephanie V said...

Rudee - it threatens every year but usually I can get here before they've gotten too entrenched. Advancing age and cold spring weather don't go together.

EN - oh, yes, we all did that. I could never see the sense to it, though, because I hated butter and the darn flower said I did!

Tony - we have lovely stands of bluebells, too. I never mind them even when they get mixed into the garden (squirrel gifts). I'm glad you found some. I can't believe that buttercups are in decline - anywhere.

Sheila Siler said...

When I hear buttercup I always think of The Princess Bride! I am awarding you the Stylish Blogger award, it will be on my post tomorrow. Congrats!

Ginny said...

They are beautiful, let them run wild!! They are like little sun rays on the ground!! I love mine, Phil dug them out of the yard and re-planted them in the flower bed for me!! Upcoming post on that sometime.


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