Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A - Z Challenge: Paper

Mmmm...I love paper!  There are so many different kinds of paper and so many different uses.  It's a truly awesome fabric. 

Obviously, I most enjoy the kind of paper that I can write on or read from.  Here I am  at the keyboard and monitor but my heart is back with the morning newspaper on the table.  Where I can hold the pages, fold the pages or sit down with a pen and write on those same pages.  I can carry it with me wherever I go.  I can give sections to others or I can cut pieces out and share them.

But paper has so many other applications.  I can wrap gifts in thin tissue or wrap meat in heavy butcher paper.  I can use freezer paper as a temporary fixer for appliques.  Paper is soft enough to make a wearable fabric yet strong enough to withstand the sewing process.  I can wipe up a child's tear  or mop a puddle on the kitchen floor.  There is furniture made of paper as well as the wall covering behind it. 

Artists use paper in another whole range of ways.  It can be folded into the most intricate of origami shapes.  Or be the foundation for a delicate watercolor.   Where would photographers be without paper to print their amazing and imaginative ways of looking at our world?  Children of all ages enjoy a chance to smear paint on paper with their hands. Masking tape can be a helpful tool if you do the big kind of painting. And  I almost forgot about coloring books which have their own way of encouraging creativity.

Paper boxes hold everything from rings to the contents of your closet.  We have sticky notes to remind us - and others - of chores to finish.  An envelope can bring money or a request for payment.  Greeting cards are created and sent to invite, thank, share good news or console. A paper calendar (or two), an address book  and a little notebook keep me well organized. 

I've worn paper shoes, paper hats and carried paper flowers.  I have used paper dishes at a picnic and thrown paper airplanes.  Paper dolls were a favorite pastime when I was a little girl.  We greet each with business cards and hold a cut closed with paper tape.  My groceries used to come home in paper bags and the kids' lunches went to school in smaller versions.

Paper use has changed over my lifetime but I doubt that it will disappear altogether as some used to predict.  I still have a pile of paper on my desk.  It still cascades through my mailbox.  And the bathroom cupboard hasn't seen much downsizing.  The shredder doesn't work as hard as it once did but that may say more about my retirement than my paper use. 

The new e-books are still not getting my attention although I can see their practical side.  But for me, practical doesn't always carry the day.  I like the feel of paper.  I like the smell of a new book.  And a stack of new books holds promise as well as immediate pleasure for the senses. Somehow I can't see computers eliminating paper from our lives.  If anything, we seem to be creating more uses for it.  Maybe the paper manufacturers creating new applications to make up for the lost revenue from printing on paper?

What do you think?


EmptyNester said...

I'll tell you what I think, I think your writing has the most relaxing flow to it. It always keeps my interest and is so pleasing. I really enjoy my visits here!

Rudee said...

I did succumb to the allure of a Kindle, but it's taking some getting used to. I like that it's thin, light in weight and easy to carry around but I do miss flipping pages. It's just not the same. In the three weeks I've owned it though, I've read 4 books.

If you wanted to take it for a spin, you can download a free kindle app for your computer to see if you'd like this method of reading.

As for paper, the only thing I don't like about it is the occasional paper cut. Why do those hurt so bad?

Ginny said...

You said it well, and I agree! I love wandering through book stores, the smell of new books, the feel when you open to the first page, reading the dust jacket. And I hope this will not becoame just history with all the new Kindles and such. I also like getting fancy stationary and writing notes to people, a lost are for sure, with e-mail. You can't even find stationary anywhere now except Hallmark and book stores. I think some kids don't even know what the word means anymore.

koko said...

I think that books will survive, and that Kindles and their ilk are a fad, or maybe another way of allowing some people to keep reading books? Personally, I could see myself using a Kindle for reading newspapers or even magazines, which are disposable, but not books on a regular basis. As long as I have the space to keep books, I would always want to keep my own collection. I hope bookstores survive, as I can't imagine a world without them!

Anonymous said...

This link will take you to an incredible paper artist who makes full sized clothes. Enjoy.

Marie Anne said...

I don't do ebooks and can't imagine I'll ever own a Kindle. If the paper book ever goes the way of the dinosaur, I guess I'll quit reading.

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Matthew Vanacore said...

A lot of interesting takes on paper. I never really thought about it so deeply, but I'm glad you did. It was a very well-written and funny post!

cindy said...

Paper and I are in the same room for hours of the day. A scrapbooker who leads with paper and besides I'm in my element with paper, it is so like a purse is to others.

I'm not picking up on my e-reader as much as my husband has. As for paper shoes, hum don't think I have ever seen these. This year in the gift shop I used the old Prince Edward Island maps and recycled them into scrapbooking embellishments have a look they are buttons http://goo.gl/DuYgd

Madeleine said...

I love paper too :O)


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