Friday, April 29, 2011

A - Z Challenge: Zoom Zoom

Here we Z. 

Looking back on the posts for this challenge, I have noticed two things.  One, that the list of post topics would make a great post all by itself.  I wonder if we could all write something that incorporated all 26 of our words or phrases?
The second thing that I noticed was that I have written a lot of nostalgic posts this month.  So, I'll end with some laps around Memory Lane.

This is the first new car that we ever bought.  I absolutely loved everything about the Boss 302 Mustang.  I loved the color - bright yellow.  I loved the sound of the V-8 engine.  And, most of all, I loved the power.  It felt so cool to be (not much more than) a girl and drive this amazing almost-racing car.   Have to admit that we were in debt for a while but it was worth it.  I never really did much more than drive this beauty.  But my then-husband used to race it.  Oddly enough, I don't think I ever saw him drive in a race.  Maybe that was macho territory.  OK to let the little woman drive your car around town.  Just don't give her ideas of racing, too.  
We kept that car for longer than either of us could stand.   Ironically, it became too noisy!  There were other cars but nothing ever matched that Mustang.  It became a legend from our past.  Times changed and needs changed.    I've never really lost my love of driving but that kind of car is not for today.  Now, I drive a sensible and useful station wagon in a sober shade of gray.  Suits me and my life now.

But, every once in a while, I remember I drove that beautiful yellow car. 


Rudee said...

You have taken us on quite a journey this month. I've enjoyed all of your posts.

No car company could compete with the shade of yellow that Ford produced. I love it. Still do.

Ginny said...

YES!!!! We both have Mustang memories!!! My car as a teenager was a shiny aqua '68 Mustang. No power brakes or power steering but it was a beautiful thing to behold. To this day I am sorry we sold it, but we were expecting a baby and needed a sensible station wagon. I bet it would be worth a fortune today, so would yours. To this day I have dreams about it.

Angie said...

Very swish! This A-Z has been quite a challenge, not sure how I would have managed it - so well done.
Just looked at all 28 words. Go on have a go starting with 'An assortment of bubbles for the children when they are dressing up........

EmptyNester said...

Cool car! My black 1987 Mercedes suits me now--and my mood on most days.

I doubt I could write a post using all 26 letters! But you go ahead, I'll read it! LOL

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Stephanie, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

This post is just the cherry on the top. Now you deserve a nice cuppa and a feet up. Well done :)

Andrea said...

And wouldn't you know, I saw a nice bright yellow Mustang today! Weird co-incidence? I still have memories of that car, though vague.

baygirl32 said...

what a beautiful car! I'd love to push that pedal to the floor and open her up.

YEAH for making it through the A to Z

Mimi said...

That is one magnificent car!
I can imagine you made quite a statement driving round in it.
I think I'd be very dangerous in one of those, pedal to the metal and all that!

cindy said...

"Burn dust and eat my rubber." Chevy Chase blurted to his children while driving the grey station wagon, or was it blue? Anyway I think the movie was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Not me, no mustang, no I didn't have money for that. I drove a GTO, candy apple red with a white rag roof. OMG thanks for the memories


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