Sunday, May 1, 2011

The parade

 An Assortment of Bubbles floated by the Children.  All Dressed up, they stood by the Entrance to the street.  Each one was carrying Flowers to celebrate the Glory of the day. The Holes in their best clothes had been carefully patched.   Some of their mother's  I-cord  tied with Jump ropes marked the lane. Their mother had been Knitting the cord with Love, so the children tried not to make a Mess .

Over their heads and around the breakfast table, the children had heard that the success of a parade is in the Numbers and that the organizers were drowning in an Ocean of Paper.  None of that was important now.

A hush of Quiet - or Quietude? - fell over the waiting crowd. 
A child plucked an overlooked Ranunculus glowing in the grass like a tiny Summer sun.
A Telephone rang nearby:  Uncle was bringing Violets for their bouquets.
The Wind whispered "Xie xie" around the Yard. 
In the distance could be heard the Zoom Zoom of motorcycles. 

The parade was coming! 

This was my attempt to put all my A-Z Challenge words on parade.  I have learned a lot from the various writers that I met during the challenge.  One of the forms I learned about was a 'drabble' - a story written in exactly 100 words.  I tried to do that with my word list -  but it proved  harder than it may look.  A lot harder and, as you can see, I did not succeed.  For some great examples of the drabble, visit Rayna at Coffee Rings Everywhere.  Her challenge posts were gems. 

I had intended to abandon my Sunday Wonders alphabet series after the A-Z challenge.   But I had so much fun that now I think  I'll do at least one more round.  Or maybe two since that's a whole year.   Stay tuned.


EmptyNester said...

If you wrote a book I would read it every day....I imagine you could write about absolutely nothing and it would be wonderful!

Ginny said...

You make me want to know more, who were these children, why were you there, what was the parade celebrating, spring?

Rose said...

That was a great exercise and you made it interesting, too! As a matter of fact, I may use it in my classroom. Have a happy week!

Mimi said...

You're great, Stephanie!
I've really enjoyed this series, and so I'm delighted that you'll continue with the Sunday Wonders.
Well done on weaving a lovely story out of the alphabet pickings!

Angie said...

Well done!!!

Stephanie V said...

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.

Pam - I guess I'll have to get started on that book :)

Ginny - maybe that book would fill in the back story for you.

Rose - that is such a compliment. Thank you!

Mimi - there are so many words left to use.

Angie - thanks for the first line!

Anonymous said...

Well done, loved your story.

cindy said...

I'm doing my best to get caught up, I've been under some kind of weather. I started A to Z and got as far as C so I can guess at home long I have been not feeling well. Perhaps I should have forced myself, to least read - this might have returned me to health faster. I always enjoy your reads.


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