Thursday, May 5, 2011

An embarrassment of riches

When I started writing my blog back in August of 2007, I had no idea that I would still be doing it four years later.  I certainly didn't have much of a style then.  And I didn't set out to be stylish at all.

But three - count 'em! - three fellow bloggers have awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you  to Joanna, Julie B and Sheila for this compliment.  I am honored that you all enjoy visiting my corner of the world.

As with all awards, there are some rules.  First, I must link back to these kind friends.  Check.  Second I must tell you 7 things about myself.  OK.  here goes:

1. I'm a fresh-air fiend.  If I could I'd have a screened  (and well-roofed) sleeping porch,  I'd be out there with my duvet every night.  Camping and sleeping in tents isn't quite the same.  It's not very comfy,  it's hard to get up off the ground now and the air in a tent is not what I would call fresh.   I have woken up after a rainy night in a tent with a soaked sleeping bag.  An outdoor bedroom sounds perfect.  Think of the decorating possibilities!

2.  I like to walk.  I like the motion of walking but, even more, I like looking in people's yards and seeing their gardens.  I like to notice little changes: a new front door or maybe a coat of new paint going on.  I like to be close enough to the ground that I can see the little things.  Driving by in a car, I just miss so much.

3.  In another life, I must have been a bird.  I'm very fond of seeds, nuts and the hard crusty breads - preferably with lots of seedy stuff inside.  I just don't know what kind of bird.  If I could choose, it would be a chickadee.

4.  I am an original Baby Boomer.  When the term was first coined, it meant all us right-after-the-war babies.  Then it got expanded to mean the whole generation of our siblings.  I was a bit choked to have to share.  Probably part of my Boomer heritage. 

5.  I like bright and shiny things.  Bright colors, glitter and glow-in-the-dark plastic.  I love rhinestones and crystal.  I like fiesta-bright colors of lime, yellow, turquoise and magenta.  I don't wear them much at all but I do enjoy seeing them.  If asked to choose, I'd go for the bling every time.  Maybe I was a magpie?

6.  I have an out-of-date license to scuba dive.  Something I learned many years ago and enjoyed.  But I only used it in the warm waters of Hawaii.  Way too cold here. 

7.  I have, according to my piano teacher, reached the Grade One level.  I can play with two hands now.  Wahoo!

There.  That's checked off.  The last rule is to pass this award on to other Stylish Bloggers.  There are so many to choose from, but I'm going to pick just a few. 
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        Rockin' Chair Reflections

I hope you  enjoy visiting their Stylish blogs as much as I do.


pbquig said...

Hey, don't get a pirate mad, I know I gave that award to you. It's on my post. Now that 3 OTHER people also did is great, but who was first. Check my post "S is for Stylish Me" you'll find your blog there. congrats.

Pirate Knitting

Ginny said...

Congradulaions!! You DO have style!! I am all the way with you on #5. Right to a T!! All those colors and the bling, I am so like that. I have to be careful when buying clothes, becuause I will not pick out subtle neutrals like I should. And I'm afraid when our son was a little boy, I dressed him somewhere in between a clown and a disco king. I even bought him Mork From Ork suspenders.

Stephanie V said...

Pam - my apologies...that would make it four kind bloggers. Don't get too mad...April was such a crazy month. I didn't leave you out on purpose - we baby boomers have failing memories.

Ginny - you always make me laugh. Mork from Ork...haven't thought about that for years!

EmptyNester said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I will get this posted but probably not until after this weekend what with all the family (plus extended) coming in for the graduation!

SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats on the award!
It's always fun to lear more about fellow bloggers. I really like the idea of the sleeping porch, I'm also a fresh air fiend.

pbquig said...

Not mad, lol, just glad so many people thought of you.

BTW you're learning the piano? That's great. I play, but stopped for about 30 years and had to go to a teacher to pick it up again. It's fun.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the awards. I always learn something new on these questionaires.

cindy said...

Thank you so much Stephanie for the award, a stylish award, hum seems to me it wasn't long ago I offered this, ok, love to play. Also love to be outside, all the time, weather permitting of course and that wouldn't be today. A baby boomer, I have used that excuse to get me a few discounts lately, lol.

Will definitely get to the list and look for the seven, seven, then seven. Thanks again


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