Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Wonders - B

B is for Bicycles.
I like bikes.  I like the feeling of rolling along the road - it's almost like flying.  OK, you do have to use your imagination - and your legs - a little bit.  But, can't you feel the wind in your hair?  Oh, yeah, that was before helmet laws.  But the wind is still there.  Really.

Two or three years ago, we decided that we missed that free-wheelin' experience and invested in some second-hand bicycles.  Except for sore butts, we had a great time on them.  But where we live is pretty hilly and quite place for oldies on bikes - even with helmets.  We wanted to take the bikes with us.  So, we bought a station wagon.  No wait!  That's not why we bought it. Good thing, too, since the plan didn't work as we had hoped.  We just didn't get into the habit of loading the cycles into the car and driving off for flatter land.

And, voila!  See what rolled into the thrift shop last week?  Aren't these just the cutest things?  I've seen them before and mostly at places where we'd like to ride.  Folks just fold 'em up and put them in the car.  Simple.
According to some web site, they can be folded (or unfolded) in 15 seconds.  I think they're using a different way to measure sure took us a lot longer than that.  But after a couple of practice runs, it's down to a minute or so.  The wheels are really small, so adults look a little odd riding them.  But we have our gel seats and we don't care.  So there! 

The perspective of the second photo makes the bike look quite small on the bottom.  It is, but because of the kick stand it's leaning towards me.  So just mentally push it away.  I've added the office chair to give you some idea of the actual size it is all folded up.  I think they're just incredible.  And they haven't been used much at all which is sort of worrying because then you think: well, maybe we're just dreaming, too.  No matter, they're going in the car on the next road trip.  I'm pretty excited. 


Rudee said...

It looks so compact. I hope it makes a difference for you.

deb said...

Cool! Nice that there was two of them too! So are they coming on the road trip this way? Steve just got a new bike too - only a bit bigger ;)

Annie said...

Stephanie! These are so cool. I've never seen fold up bikes. How cool. Oops, said that already. Well, they are. And found in a thrift shop no less. Happy riding.

Angie said...


Majid Ali said...
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SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

That is one cool bike. I can't ride a bike. period. there you go, I said it... the secret is out now :)

Michelle Teacress said...

My husband has one of those. He loves it. They're great for long distance commuters. :)

cindy said...

Now that is something, can't imagine trying to figure that out at my age. I remember I had one of the grandchildren for the day, and took a trip to the store, took the buggy out of the car and when we were done I couldn't fold it back up to get home. Had a rope in the trunk and put the buggy up on the roof and drove home. So unless the folding instructions are written inside the helmet I'm afraid I'd not get them open or closed back up.

A trip to the bike shop and they will fix you up with a sweety seaty that is designed for females and believe you me, you may never have a bottom pain again.


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