Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy , busy.

Or as my mother would have said:  "Places to go, people to see, eggs to lay."  I never quite understood what the eggs were doing there, but I certainly got the busy-ness factor.  Poor old chicken.  So much to do and so little time.Well, that's me this week.  And I'm not sure how much I really have to show for it.  Some things are just not up for accounting.  I've been doing this and that but I really had nothing worthy of a post.  So, I've been away long enough.

I've been doing some knitting.  One sock of the Nutkin pattern by Beth LaPensee.  I had this yarn that seemed to be perfect for the pattern.  It is and I love this pattern.  So simple to knit - and to memorize - but it looks so fancy.  There is no ribbing and no grafting.  A short row heel makes me happy, too.  I call mine 'Guinness at the picnic" because the browns are just the color of Guinness.  And the blues and greens remind me of a forest trail.

And did you notice that the sun is shining today?  Well, this morning anyway.  A quick tour around the garden and I was running for the camera.  The wee apple tree that we planted last year has over a dozen flower buds!  Even one apple would be wonderful.  But maybe a pie?

The potatoes have sprouted their leaves.

And , isn't this columbine stalk enchanting?  I've never really noticed that the leaves are so tightly rolled.  And look at the gorgeous raindrops nestling in the folds.

The tulip looks happy that the sun has replaced the rain, too.

Now, I'm going to go visiting everyone.  It's been a long time...wonder what everyone's doing?


Ginny said...

Your socks are lovely and you have beautiful things in your garden. I need to grow potatoes, they are the absolute worst for being full of pesticides. Did you know that the pesticides don't stay on the outside, they go all the way through. Professional potato farmers won't even eat the ones they sell, they keep their own little patch.

EmptyNester said...

Excellent sock! But then everything you knit is excellent!

Isn't it exciting when there's new growth in the yard and the garden?!

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

Your mother was a wise lady. I know exactly what you mean; I am starting to think busy has become my second name... I blame it on Spring. I love the socks, beautiful post :)

cindy said...

Your Columbine is out already! wow, I just have the tips of the tulips coloured but not opened.

You make socks look so easy, ya right they are, one has to know how to hold a needle first, have a great weekend

Emille said...

The socks are perfect!!!
That is why I like Spring so much - all the buds that are appearing!

Anonymous said...


I have some of those big colourful columbines in my garden that are coming up in strange places. Would you like a few?


Rudee said...

Those are some gorgeous socks!

deb said...

Love the sock!


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