Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Last Day of the hols!  Are we celebrating with  Ruby Tuesady?   Or cheering ourselves up?

Either way, we have red.  Here we are getting ready to cycle around the campground - seemed the safest place for a maiden ride - on our new-to-us folding bikes.  They worked a treat and we kept up with the kids.  I see more biking in the future.

If you need cheering up with touches of red, head over to Mary T's.  Ruby Tuesday is just the thing.  See you back home!


EmptyNester said...

Folding bikes? Never heard of them but I bet I would have had a time unfolding them. LOL

Glad you're having so much fun!

jeannette said...

The way to go-the fold up ones! I should go back on the bike, one of these days. After all I am a Dutchman(woman)! (in case you wonder: that's THE mode of transportation in Holland)

Mimi said...

Those bikes are brilliant!
Stephanie, you look like a kid yourself on it, all thrilled with it!

cindy said...

I remember you mentioning these thrifts, fold and goes. How handy


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