Saturday, May 14, 2011

Odds and ends

This is one of those eclectic posts with something for everyone.  It's Saturday  - a job jar kind of day.  But these jobs have been - or promise to be - week-long projects. 

First up: the garage.  It's needed to be sorted and cleaned out for a long time.  But a crisis of the verminal sort has prompted a makeover.  Gone are all the old wooden shelves.  We have these spiffy new steel units that will hold 600 pounds.  If their weight is any indication of strength they should be up to anything we put on it.  These are heavy!

Clearing stuff out means a trip to one of our favorite consignment stores.  Look what I found there this time!  The table and sideboard have been crackle-finished.  It looks fabulous with the multi-colored upholstery job on the chairs.  I think it could get a bit tiresome after a while though.  That would be why I didn't pay the $1400 to take it home - right?

Meanwhile, the beauty shop waiting room has become overcrowded with babies and Barbies. 

Their wardrobes are all over the place.  Piles of new mismatched shoes which just might have a mate in the bin have to be sorted out.  Clothes have to be sorted and packed into appropriate bags once they're washed and dry. 

And if I get a little bored,   I can always knit.  This is the latest on the needles.  The yarn is a brushed wool in the most vibrant turquoise I've ever seen.  I found a dozen balls at a flea market and paid only $1 for the whole lot.   I'm using Amy Polcyn's design  called Marigold.  I'm not too sure about the short sleeves...there may be some modification.  You can  better see the lace pattern in my swatch since  I've just begun on the back and it doesn't look like much yet. 

It's not such wonderful weather that I'm missing out on the outdoors.  We had that yesterday.  Only one day of sunshine between days of clouds and showers, apparently. 


Ginny said...

I LOVE that turquoise!! Turquoise and aqua and teal area all my favorite colors! now you need some Mexican jewelry to match it, with some silver in it. I can't believe that furniture price!! I thought consignment stores were supposed to be cheap!! It needs to be in an antique mall. Love your new shelves!!

Rudee said...

Mmmm. I dunno. I kind of like that furniture, but I see what you mean about it becoming tiresome after awhile. Still, it has that cozy cottage feel, and I sort of like that.

The yarn color is stunning. Can't wait to see it all done up. I've been sort of lazy behind the needles lately. As all things seem to come in fits and spurts, I've been reading a lot and knitting very little. The tables will turn soon enough.

EmptyNester said...

$1400 at a consignment store? Wow. I would have to leave it there myself. LOL

Love the yarn! Can't wait to see the beautiful result!

Finally, when can I expect you to organize me?

Angie said...

With blogger being down for 24 hours most of us had time to be busy doing odds & ends. You did much better than I did!

Annie said...

Great looking furniture but NOT for $1400. Smart of you to admire and take a pass.

The garage(my part anyway) was trimmed and pruned earlier this year. STUFF is reduced by more than half. Good feeling. And, that's a good looking shelving system too.


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