Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Wonders - D

D is for Dance.

Last Sunday I was in Lethbridge and we had a bunch of things to do and sights to see.  One of the sights was the Southern Alberta Art Gallery which had a display of works from all the school district's art students.  These were fun, interesting and amazing - sometimes all three at once.  It is exciting to see that potential talent just ready and waiting to be developed.

But, the sun was shining and, as you all know, we've not had a lot of that here at home.  So, instead of looking at the rest of the grown-up artist exhibits, I slipped out to enjoy the sunshine.  As I walked along the sidewalk, I could hear music and decided to follow the sound.  I soon found myself in a small city park where it looked like a band was setting up for a performance.  The music playing was contemporary pop music, so of course I stayed.  But they kept playing the same piece over and over.  "Is this a band practicing?"  I wondered.

But no, a few of these young people were dancing. They had amps and humungous speakers set up in a kind of performance bowl - looked like an empty pool to me.  The dance group was growing, too, as people kept arriving, throwing off their coats and joining in.  Cool...I'll just stand here and watch.  Eventually, the rest of the family found me and the four of us found a bench and settled in to watch for a few minutes.  As the minutes stretched on,  and the rehearsing got kind of old, we wondered what was really going on.  One of the young men did, after a while, take the mike and announce that his friend was going to propose to his girlfriend this afternoon.  Well!  Did you think I wouldn't stay to the end after that news?!

After about half an hour, Keith (the proposer), grabbed the mike and announced that Kate (the proposee) was on her way.  "Places, everyone!"  Onlookers were welcomed as potential flash-mobsters or they could remain and watch.  The instructions were to hide if she knew you, or otherwise just be there and look random.  So, there we sat on our park random can four adults squeezed on to one bench really look?  Nevertheless, the girlfriend showed up on the last leg of  the scavenger hunt - that's what she thought was going on, apparently.  She found her clue and this is the video of the rest of the proposal.

Best wishes to Keith and Kate!  You've provided me with a memory, too:  my very first flash-mob!


Ginny said...

I have always wanted to see a flash mob!! This is very cool, I do believe in just taking things where life finds you, glad you didn't stick with the art!!! How on earth did you manage to find it on YouTube?

Anonymous said...

Well, that was the neatest thing. Thanks for writing about it.

Angie said...

Fantastic romantic!!! How wonderful.
(I knew a Roger Lethbridge once)

Angie said...

Now you've got me hooked on flash-mob. Just watched Liverpool Street Station in London special T-Mobile Advert.

Life's for sharing.

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

Well that was something... :)

Jane/WTKnits said...

How lovely! A wonderful moment for everyone.

cindy said...

Surprise! That was wonderful, I guess my husband and I are getting sentimental in our old age the two of use are sitting sniffling, thank you for sharing this with use. It was a lovely proposal, I saw the surprise start when she received the flowers.


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