Friday, May 27, 2011

Hurry up and grow!

This is our newest rose. We were flying by a display of climbing plants at the nursery when this one caught my eye.  Not because of the flower, since there were none then.  No, it was the name:  Dublin Bay.  Knowing nothing of this rose, I had to have it in our garden.  It was a climber so  that was good.  It was red -  a lot more scarlet than my photos can capture.  It's not really pink at all. Another big plus:  the tag said it was a scented rose.  OK...I'm buying this one.

While we were away, the two earliest buds decided to open up.  The flowers are huge and I rushed out between rain showers to get a photo. I can hardly wait for it to climb up beside the white clematis that we planted last year.  However, I've since read differing opinions on its scent:  either it has none, it's slight or it's lightly perfumed.   My opinion?  I think I can smell these flowers.  Just wishful thinking?

I have no idea why it's called Dublin Bay.  Maybe the original rose breeder, Sam McGredy,  was homesick...he lived in New Zealand.


EmptyNester said...

It's gorgeous! And I'm betting that you can smell them!

Ginny said...

Beautiful! You captured some stunning pictures, because red flowers are notoriously hard to snap, I have just had to give up on some.

SELVIDGE by Rachida S said...

Hey Stephanie. Whoa, what a beautiful rose; the name got me very intrigued. I tried to find the origin of it, but with no results. Anyway, my daughter suggested that maybe the shape of the petal is the same shape of Dublin Bay. So, we looked at a map of Dublin Bay, and an image of the rose petal, and maybe it's true!!! The similarity is quite striking :D Please let me know if you find any more information :) :)

Emille said...

Wow, your yard will look gorgeous, the red rose and whiteclematis next to each other!

cindy said...

You have what is a beautiful rose, I would also have one for my garden. However, I don't have any luck with roses, I'll have to stick to tea. I do though have a white clematis, it is marvelous and puts out the largest blooms ever. May your rose bloom once a day for you

the writing pad said...

Beautiful flowers - big, bold and blowsy. And as for the scent - doesn't matter, if it's wishful thinking - as long as you can smell it :-)


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