Monday, May 30, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday

One of the things that you see plenty of when driving long distances is yellow.

As we drove east through the mountains, there were lots of warning signs for animals on the road.

Mostly, these were deer but the further east we went , it seemed that the antlers grew!

Some of the signs looked like hunters used them for practice.

Some of the animals had very graceful styles...

others... well, not so much. 

We didn't actually encounter any of these animals on the road but the signs gave us hope of seeing wildlife.

We didn't even see one of these!

If you want more yellow from around the world, visit Drowsey Monkey here.


Luna Miranda said...

while browsing down your photos,i was hoping to see some deer, too.:p

Ginny said...

Gosh, a lot of animal varieties on signs! We have the leaping deer one everywhere and actually hit one once. I am glad you did NOT see any, because it is usually a bad collision!

Kim, USA said...

They usually come out at night or early night or when it's mating time. We already hit two deers and it scares me. Happy Monday!

Yellow Tulips

Lindy MacDuff said...

For animal signs, I've only seen deer signs in our area of the country, but there are plenty of them with all the corn fields. I can only imagine how much more devastating it would be to crash into an elk.

I will say yours is the first I've seen warning of farming equipment. We could use some of those signs down here!

Mimi said...

I'd never have noticed the antlers if you hadn't said! Amazing, I always assumed these signs were all the same, made in some central factory and sent round the world; how wrong I was.
Looks lie a beautiful drive, so the journey was part of the holiday, as much as the destination.

cindy said...

Too funny, I love our road trips when we get to see all sorts. I would have to say the larger ones are moose and the jumping ones are deer, the big tire ones only come out during planting season not rutting season, lol. Good yellows

Rudee said...

I like all of the variety of signs. It takes the dullness out of a long trip, though I have to say, nothing about that scenery in the background looks dull.


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