Friday, April 22, 2011

A - Z Challenge: Summer

Yesterday I was complaining about the cold, cold spring.  Then I went out to play in the garden. 

These were the summer pictures I had in my head as I pulled out the rampant buttercups.

And as we dug in the earth to plant our newest climbing rose. It will be, I hope, a bright red and climb happily over the carport. 

The sun was so warm I could work in shirtsleeves - a first for this year.  The dandelions shone a fringe-y yellow in the bright warmth.  It seemed we all slowly stretched and came alive.  At last I could believe that we will be seeing the kids play their summer games before long.


Rudee said...

It's still to early to plant most things here, but you give me the encouragement to dream and look forward. I love your pictures.

Ginny said...

Very nice!! We have had a few days like that, but they alternate with cold and wet days. Last night was in the thirties and today cold and rainy, ruining my Easter Egg hunt. Love the pictures!

the writing pad said...

Great pics and all hail Summer! Where I live we are in the grip of Spring that already thinks it's August, so all sorts of flowers are out, together, which shouldn't be ... Makes me wonder what there'll be left to look at in the garden come June :-)
Enjoyed the S post and many thanks for your comment

Joanna said...

Mine is Spring and yours is Summer. We are on the same wave length here. I've been noticing those beautiful fringy dandelions all day long. THey turn their faces to the sun and look so cheerful. Happy Spring/Summer

EmptyNester said...

Summer has never been my favorite season though I did like it much better when the girls were growing up and I still looked somewhat decent in a bathing suit. LOL

Angie said...

We are still having summer weather here - everything is so dry. Glad you enjoyed 'playing' even if it meant some work! Hope you enjoy the rest of Easter.

Mimi said...

Great to be able to work in shirt sleeves! Same weather here, and I'm loving it, makes me want to be in the garden all day!


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