Friday, December 23, 2011

Garden sweets

Everything outside was sprinkled with frost yesterday. 

I thought it made the leaves look as though they had been coated with sugar crystals.

Even though it  is cold for most of the garden, there are some spots of color like the winter jasmine

And the cyclamen which is getting a bit tattered now.  These plants wait for the cold weather before they decide to flower. 

Just another shot of's the season for it.  


Anonymous said...


Kim said...

Those are gorgeous shots.

Ginny said...

Oh my, candied leaves, so beautiful!!!! Sugarplum leaves! Wishing you all the best For Christmas, peace and blessings.

Joanna said...

Sugar is right. Happy Christmas to you and Anne.

Rudee said...

Your garden looks magical! Merry Christmas, Stephanie.

cindy said...

Wonderful sugar shots. Amazing what frost looks like on. I had a photo of frost on the porch window once and it is still in my mind. Maybe I'll find it and share sometime. Love your photography.


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