Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday Stash

The needles have been a little busier this week with other events quietening down.  I've finished one, started another and I've had fun with the dye pot. 

These socks look like pink granite to me.  I love the yarn and it was such fun to knit this pattern again.  They're already on the feet as you can see.  In fact, I think they'll be travellin' socks at Christmas time.

And I've started what I'm calling the Stealth Sweater.  Yes, if that yarn looks familiar, it should.  It's the pink Geisha that I had so much of and I think I'm nearing the bottom of the barrel now.  My gd had the first cardi made with this yarn - about two years ago.  Now it's getting small but, in true kid style, she declares it fits well still.  So, I'm trying to make one that is similar but bigger.  I've chosen this pattern as the replacement.  The first sweater was my own improvisation on a vintage pattern.  I couldn't make another exactly the same if I wanted to.  I'm sure Becky won't be fooled but she might like it just as much.

And my last venture was with the re-recycled yarn.  This was a bit like repainting a dark wall white - lots of coats necessary to cover.  So, after two baths in blue-black and two baths in black this is the result.  I quite like it.  It reminds me of a raven's black wings.  When you look at them in the light you can see all sorts of colors which look black from a distance.  I haven't managed to cover all the shades but I like the tonal effect.  It has life. Sort of like having your hair colored in tones rather than a flat shade.   Of course, Maria has to like it, too.  So, it may be headed for another bath.  We'll wait and see. 

And now I wish all of you, my blogging friends, a very happy Christmas!  "May your days be merry and bright" even if your Christmas isn't white - it'll be rain here on the West Coast.


Rudee said...

I love the depth of color you achieved by over-dyeing. It's beautiful. Your feet are pretty snazzy, too!

Have a very Happy Christmas, friend.

Paws on the Run said...

The re-dyed yarn looks gorgeous. Nice rich colours.

Farm Girl said...

I wish you a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to seeing more of your projects. I am so glad I got to meet you this year.
I wish we were getting some rain, but it looks like it will stay up around you.
Many, many blessings from me to you.

Ginny said...

Wishing you the best Christmas ever. Joy and peace to you, my friend.

ladydragonfly said...

The yarn is beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Love those socks! Happy Christmas, and all the best for 2012 :)

cindy said...

I'm so slow at getting around to everyone I can't believe I'm wishing you a late Merry Christmas as well almost on New Year's Day. I'm embarrassed, just so much going on these days and I'm glad to have visited you today. I like this yarn and what you are doing with it, have to agree a crow or the colours I mean. Those socks are beautiful. What do you just put yarn on a needle and in a half an hour they are done? I wish I could knit up something as fast as you can and even find time to blog. I'm convinced, I need a schedule or an organizer in my life and there is one here on the Island I will have to get her over.


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