Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Stash

What have I done this week?  Not much in stash-busting - again.  In fact, I'm growing my stash.  But more on that in a minute. 

I did finish the lovely poinsettia-red socks.  I love the cable and rib and I will write up the pattern.  After Christmas. 

I loved the design so much that I'm using it again in this week's socks - yet another request.  But this is not a surprise gift...and I have specific instructions.  The pattern must stop for the foot which should make them knit up faster.  I've been so busy this past week, that I fell asleep in the middle of a round last night.  I also changed it up a bit with a 2x2 rib which flows right into the cable/rib design.  And I've changed the toe as well.  I've kept the heel-flap and made a traditional toe to match. 

When I tire of knitting at my sock, I frog.  This is was my Big Warm Sweater.  It was the fourth attempt to work up my hand-painted hand-spun yarn with a blue hand-dyed yarn.  But now the Big part is way too big.  I wanted to save the yarn and perhaps over-dye it to make something fresh and new. 

The two yarns alternate every two rows so that is a pain to unravel.  But doable and I was getting in a little rhythm.  Had almost the whole back taken apart.  Then...I hit the ribbing.  I can't figure out what kind of stitch was used and I'll have to go back to the pattern.  The yarns are wound around each other in a way that makes everything horribly tangled.  I don't want to lose any of the yarn so I will keep at it.

Whose idea was this anyhow?   I'd definitely rather be knitting. 


Ginny said...

I adore the sweater and the colors in it!!!

deb said...

Keep at it! Too precious to loose any wool even though you will need less for a new smaller sweater :)
Love the pointsettia socks!

Rudee said...

You're such a beautiful knitter. I love the red socks and look forward to the pattern.

Frogging is a real pain, but it'll be worthwhile in the end. I thought of you as I was knitting Sara's black mitts after work last night (at 1 AM). The lighting was dim (ott light upstairs), the I dropped, not one, but two twisted stitches. I had to unravel back to the end of the ribbing to catch the errant stitches.

Mimi said...

No doubt about it- you're a genius sock-knitter.
Give me knitting any day over ripping; I still haven't begun to unravel that alpaca sweater, but I might start over Christmas.


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