Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Stash

This is the last Stash report for 2011!  I have been knitting from my stored pile of yarn for the last six months and what do I have to show for it?

I have knitted just under 50 projects using stash yarn.  I was curious about the amount of yarn my needles had knit because the level in the chest didn't go down dramatically.  A quick calculation  says - and I don't know why the chest isn't empty! - I have knit 16.7 kilometers (just over ten miles) of yarn in stash projects alone.  That seems like such a huge amount of yarn but there's so much still to be knit.

One batch of yarn that I thought I would finish is the lovely pink that makes such pretty little sweaters.  I have finished the Stealth Cardi for Becky.  Again with the eccentric buttons - hope she approves. Those white-looking ones are actually mauve.   Can't buy new buttons either with jars and jars full in the sewing room.  I still have enough for one more hat, or a pair of gloves, or...?

My Snowberry sock traveled a lot in December.  I was always packing it up for those times when I had to sit and be social.  Socks are great for that but for some reason, I didn't pull this sock out too often.  I like to be prepared, though, so it will continue to be my travellin' knitting.

I have started the Midnight Rose pullover with the recycled and re-dyed wool.  Maria has approved the color so then I could wind up the balls and cast on.  That's about all I've managed, though.  So, it will be my New Year's starter project.  I always like to begin the New Year with something fresh on the needles.  I'm not sure when I stared this tradition of mine but it's been a LOT of years.

And, remember that book of crocheted edgings?  It was put to use as my daughter finished a Christmas gift for Gabby.  She figured she was keeping another tradition alive by having a Christmas gift flying toward the finish line on Christmas Eve.  Obviously, she learned well.  A-a-anyway...the little blanket was looking kind of plain around the edges.  So she leafed through and found an edging.  I supplied a hook and off she went, round and round.  I think it turned out beautifully, don't you?  The side showing is the reverse but you get the idea.  How did that foot get there?

One of the most satisfying results was actually having a sock pattern published.  I had some sock yarn that needed to be useful.  I was very happy with my Windwalker socks and decided to share their pattern.  To my surprise, a number of knitters queued them up.  And, surprise! two Ravelers have actually made them up.  That is the most fun part:  to see what other knitters do with your pattern.  Check them out here if you're curious.

Thus ends the Pledge Project.  I've had so much fun challenging myself to use (and reuse) my stash yarns.  I've had an excuse to troll Ravelry for patterns.  I've found some really great ones and I've been able to make up patterns that I've admired but couldn't use at the time.  And I've donated more than twenty items to our seniors' craft corner. 

However, I'm not quite ready to abandon the Pledge altogether.  I want to be a little less restricted about buying yarn.  It's been torture kind of hard to have to pass up all the great yarns and bargains that came my way last year.  So I'm going to try to continue the good work of reducing the stash while giving myself permission to acquire some new yarn - it could be thrift shop, online or just a great find.  I think I will try to always have a pattern and a use in mind.  I will try.  I will try.  I will try.

 Thanks for sharing my Pledge be continued.


EmptyNester said...

I know exactly what other knitters would do with my projects...after they wrote and asked me why I bother knitting at all...LOL

Your knitting is so fabulous! I do keep trying in hopes that I will, one day, be even a fraction as good as you!

I've got to stop buying yarn too. Just until I can turn it into something that doesn't resemble a tangles up mess!

Emille said...

Have a Happy New Year, Stephanie! Hope you'll celebrate it with the ones you love:)

About the pink baby sweater -it's so cute -may I ask where you got the pattern? My youngest grand child is one and a half, but she's tiny -I would like to make that for her -thanks for getting back (no hurry)!

Paws on the Run said...

50 projects in 6 months... that sounds incredible!!!!!

Andrea said...

Even worse, it was actually Christmas Day!
Have fun buying new yarn again!

Farm Girl said...

When Megan my Daughter-in-law did that for a year I was amazed. She didn't buy anything for one year. She still knitted. I am not a knitter, but even I have a stash of yarn. I love my wool yarn.
I have tried to just use what I have but I do enjoy getting new patterns.
I have had to be careful too so it is amazing how much you can do just using what you already have.
I can't wait to see what you are going to do for 2012
Do you have as much wool for rugs as you do yarn?
I have kept my wool down to one large shoebox. I am afraid of going crazy because I know I could. :)
I do love having any kind of sewing project.
Have a great New Year.

Julia said...

Stephanie, your wool projects are absolutely beautiful. You are a talented knitter. Hard to believe that you knitted that much in such a short time.

I want to thank you for leaving comments on my blog. I so appreciate them. I hope that the New Year brings you much happiness and peace. Julia

Rudee said...

You have been prolific with your stash! Amazing. Where did I miss that sock pattern had been published? I knew it would happen, but didn't know it did. I know just the yarn I'm going to use!

Off to download now...

Emille said...

Stephanie, thank you for your being a good blogfriend and responding so quickly, but I happened to scroll down to your previous posts and found that the pink sweater is on Ravelry -for me no resolutions either - I like the New Year as it comes:)

cindy said...

For a second I got this crazy idea to follow the link to your pattern and bring out my needles of 26 years and try it out. Then I came to my senses and figured if I ever finished and told others about your pattern then they would be writing you asking you not to share with me, I can't knit. When you know you are not good at something it is ok to kindly leave it to others. I love your little pink sweater, saw it on hooks not long ago I remember. Your socks are fab, and so I got to thinking if you included your address on your stash post perhaps we could send you yarn for your stash. I'm sure there are others out there like I who have yarn of good intentions and well it should go to a good home is all I"m saying.
Almost 50 projects with stash stuff, that's incredible, you're incredibl and I was nice to read about the rush to finish the last minute gifts and projects. Handmade is the best way to give these days, besides it saves money to go out and buy more. Did you read the warning!! on that site I sent you yet? Take care my friend and Happy New Year. Almost forgot, your daughter did a great job on the edge, a chip off the block.


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