Thursday, December 15, 2011

My gadgets

No matter what we do there is a gadget to help us do it.  Knitters  have to carry around the weirdest bunch of little helpers.  Madeleine over at Knit Purls of Wisdom  asks the question:  'What do you use?' to hold all  your special tools.

Over the years I've answered that question with: 'Whatever is handy'. Mostly I was wanting something that I could take with me for my travel knitting.   For almost four years I've been using my Domino Gadget Bag which I used for practice knitting up those mitered squares designed by Vivian Hoxbro. I used remnants of sock yarn and added an attached I-cord binding and a red zipper - I love red!  I discovered that the flannel lining that I used is perfect for storing my sewing-up needles, too.

As you can see, it isn't as tidy looking as it was for its first photo -  taken before I actually used it.  I've added the usual lozenge tin to hold all those thousands of  many small things that get lost in the bottom of any bag no matter how small.  There's room for pencils, stitch holders of all sizes and extra sock needles.  Apparently, I have two pairs of scissors in there today...not sure how that happened.  My tape used to be in a tidy proper container but somebody pulled it out too hard, too many times and now it just snakes around things.  We're frugal...we cope. 

I love my gadget bag and I think it's very useful.  Small enough to go in any of my  bags and big enough to hold anything that I could possibly need while away from home.  In fact, this is with me all the time.  It's the home bag, too. 

This is a blog hop, you can visit Madeleine and  take a look at what other folks are using.


Ginny said...

Thanks for showing us, this is really cute. And the perfect size!!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love your bag. And the little metal tin...well, why didn't I think of that? LOL Have a happy weekend!

Rudee said...

Nicely done miters! I like your little gadget bag. My tools are all over the place!

Emille said...

I've had a gadget bag for years, but now it's way too small, because I have too many "tools" - so maybe I can steal your idea and make one myself! Wishing you a merry Christmas, if I don't get to you before that!

Madeleine said...

Cute bag.I can see you have my dilemma with mixing up scissors e.t.c. from one place to another. Thanks so much for being the first to take part in my Blogfest.

cindy said...

Cute bag to hold the this and thats in. I haven't seen a lozenge tin in awhile, not much comes in the little tins anymore. Thanks for the memory. I think being frugal has something to do with age, not saying your old don't get me wrong, but today if something wasn't working properly the first guess would be to go out and buy a new one. Take care, cindy


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