Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday wonders - D

D is for Daisy. 

When it's cold outside, it's nice to remember that spring will come again.  And with it will come the tiny English daisies whose blooms cover the grass in a park by the beach.

It's good to know that summer will return and bring the bright sun and the bright colors of our Painted Daisies. 

And when the days are gray, I can imagine the hot summer blue sky and the stands of Shasta daisies that will be glowing white in the sunshine. 

I like daisies of all kinds but I especially love the big white flowers with their bright yellow eyes.  The white seems so immaculate and precise like a starched white Elizabethan ruff. The flowers stand so stiff and straight on their stalks daring the chewing bugs to come nibble at their perfection.  Somehow those bugs don't bother them.  Only a heavy  rain can defeat a daisy.  But since this is a summer memory, there is no rain in sight.  My daisies are safe. 


Rudee said...

I love daisies. They always make me smile!

Ginny said...

I didn't know about daisies and bugs! And that colorful one is called a painted daisy? I have never heard of them!!! REALLY pretty!!

Angie said...

Daisy days! Spring will come again.

Madeleine said...

What utterly gorgeous flowers, they are an absolute delight!

I've been too quiet on my knitting blog (concentrating on my other blog and other things). However, today I launch a Bloghop fest for anyone interested.

cindy said...

What a surprise, seeing all these daisies. Already I'm looking two ways for Spring, bright sun, popping up daisies and other spring flowers. I like Shasta Daisies also and this year I found a bunch of them growing in the garden where they didn't last year. Does your summer memory see no snow in sight also? lol

Anonymous said...

The danish queen, Margrethe II, is called Daisy by family and friends, and the old firm Georg Jensen makes these:

I hope you enjoy December - and your 10 days old new age :-D


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