Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Wonders - C

C is for Christmas.  I'm so predictable.

This past week has been all about Christmas preparations and celebrations of the coming season for the community.  The lovely heritage house where our seniors' meet gets the party started with lighting up the house.  This year the kids were paying close attention to the elf who makes balloon shapes.

We wait outside for the lights to be turned on...

This is part of the 'gingerbread house' theme.  And the lights are on!

The next day, our Coronation Street gang welcomed the royal wedding party to our potluck lunch.  Yes, one of our members knit all the figures - including two corgis.  Our theme was British food with yummy pub fare:  sharp cheddar, Melton Mowbray pie and pickled onions.   And, of course, there were some Christmas-sy goodies to share like mince tarts and shortbread.

Yesterday, we decorated our tree in the Village Square.  About thirty trees will be lit up this evening and stay lit until after New Year's.  The community gets to vote on their favorite trees.  It's a fundraiser so the only prize is bragging rights.  It was pretty cold tying stuff on the tree but a cup of hot chai afterwards warmed my hands.  And I felt good inside too.  Something about working with a team  adds to my festive spirit.

PS.  None of these photos are mine.  Thanks to the photographers - you know who you are!


Mimi said...

I'm feeling warm inside looking at your(well, whoever's!! lovely photos and reading your lovely account.
A community working together is a valuable asset and enjoyable for those involved.

thanks for sharing the link with your daughter, Stephanie, let me know what she thinks!

Ginny said...

That's a lot of trees! What fun, will you be showing us all of them?

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Good luck to you and your team in the Christmas Tree contest. But, my guess is that you are already winners in the fun you had! blessings ~ tanna

Rudee said...

It is looking festive in your neck of the woods. I feel so behind...

Cindy said...

I could watch balloon sharpers for hours. Wow all those Royal family are all hand knit what a job. The pot luck lunch sounded yummy, hubby won't watch Coronation Street I know of it and my daughter watches and tells me about it, then I get to read about your group. Team effort is festive spirt. I bet you were cold, oh reminds me I have this tea in the tea room called Rooibos Chia that is just a little spicy and oh so good. I'd love to mail you an envelope in a Christmas Card if you pass me your address in my email by for now.


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