Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Good thing I did a lot of hooking on the rug last week. Ive almost got all the background done and I really like it. I haven't really decided how I'm doing the border yet.

We've been distracted by our Christmas visitor. Yesterday was our early Christmas, since Wendy will be elsewhere in December, and it was quite lovely. Carols playing in the background, shortbread and mandarin oranges. We emptied our stockings and opened our gifts. Big surprise gift! In the big parcel that looked like putters for mini golf were collapsible hiking sticks, one for each of us - with shock absorbers. Roll on Ireland... And there was, of course, lots of chocolate. But, it was just a rehearsal as we have more to look forward to on Dec. 25th.

I could knit, though. I have a whole lot of things on the go at the moment. I have the gray cardigan hibernating because I got tired of it. I just have not ever been happy with it. Don't know if that's because I had to take the original pullover apart and redo or not. I don't usually feel that way about frogged knitting. But I had so much trouble finding an appropriate design and then there didn't seem to be as much yarn as I needed for anything that seemed good. It's to the point of being sewn together and as everyone knows that's the really tedious part. If I keep it out it will get done. Putting it away would be unwise.

Last week , I knit really fast on the ribbed T-neck so that I could have it done and then start on the tea cosy that I needed to make for Wendy to take back with her. Lucky for me these are pretty quick to knit because I'm still not finished the T-neck on the gray sweater. For some reason this is taking the longest time to finish. Here's the tea cosy - each side has a different pattern...no two are ever alike.

See the festive Christmas tablecloth?

Then, last night, I was so tired of the fuzzy gray mohair yarn that I pulled out the new sock yarn that I had bought last week. More of that cotton Stretch sock yarn - this time in a sea and sand colorway. Socks are always the best default knitting...so relaxing.

It's been a great visit. I've learned all kinds of new things about blogs and cameras and computers. This new knowledge will be put to good use although it might be in subtle or behind-the-scenes ways.


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

An early Christmas, what fun. Love the tea cozy.

Paws on the Run said...

What has the analytics been telling you???


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