Saturday, November 15, 2008


Apparently if you get up early on a Saturday morning and your newspaper hasn't been delivered yet, there's something amazing on CBC Radio 2...Molly Johnson and a lot of beautiful music. This is worth waking up for.
This morning I was especially happy to hear a song by Emmylou Harris that she wrote herself: Red Dirt Girl. I could listen to her all day. But, there was more. Lots more. Jimmy Cliff and Ella and Lenny Kravitz and Diana Krall and BB King and Rufus Wainwright and oh, so many more. Just great stuff for four hours.

I'll be back.

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Penny said...

Sunday is even better. You have two hours of Molly Johnson followed by the new and improved Choral Concert with a really wide variety of music. Then comes Gregory Charles who has a very attractive media persona and an interesting mix of music. Each week he chooses a different theme - song titles that include a colour, songs about a president, etc. But the best of all is at the end of the day from 5 to 6 - Farrago with Jurgen Gothe. I was so sorry when he stopped doing Disc Drive (I don't listen to the new version), but this show gives him an outlet to be really quirky. So you get an hour of accordion music or an hour of crazy pieces about cats. It's always entertaining.


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