Saturday, November 22, 2008


We worked at a craft sale today, making coffee to revive hard-working volunteers as well as customers.

There were lots of beautiful knitted things: beautiful afghans, neck warmers, scarves and slippers to keep everyone cozy. Crafty sewn dolls and ornaments for Christmas were lined up ready for sale. There was lots and lots of home baking, too. So much work, so many hours. It was nice to see so many folks coming in to buy these items. It's so validating when someone buys that baby sweater or box of cookies you've put so much love and skill into making.

I found a knitting book for myself. I know, just what I needed LOL But it was such a sweet little book. An old Patons & Baldwin that I'd never seen with baby knits. I've probably seen a lot of the patterns but not this book. It's quite small and has red card covers and some lovely little drawings. I'll find something in it to knit, I know.

I also found some buffalo yarn in a light raspberry pink color. I'm collecting buffalo yarn for a felted project that I have in my mind. So far, I have white, three shades of gray, charcoal and the pink. Maybe I'll get started after Christmas...I always need a completely new New Years' project.

And, of course, we bought our share of baked goodies. Peanut butter and chocolate tarts. Ginger spice biscotti. Some almond bark with cranberries. Yes, there's still some left...tomorrow's another day.

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